Locals Call for Renewed Tourism Push to Revive Mayem Lake in North Goa

Mayem Lake in Goa was once popular among Indian and foreign tourists. State authorities have not effectively utilized entertainment options like bungee jumping, boating activities, and a garden, which has negatively impacted the local economy.

By Priyal Dutta
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Mayem Lake, once a bustling tourist attraction, has experienced a significant decline in popularity over the years. Despite concerted efforts by successive governments to revive it, the lake's appeal has not been restored.

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Mayem Lake, located in Bicholim taluka, was once a popular tourist destination for Indian and foreign tourists. However, in recent years, the lake has experienced a significant decline in visitors, which has impacted the local economy. Despite efforts by various government officials to revitalize the area, such as introducing entertainment options like bungee jumping, boating activities, and a garden, the tourism potential of these initiatives has yet to be effectively utilized.


During 2012-17, the late Bicholim MLA, Anant Shet, initiated a rejuvenation project for the lake, but it was not continued after his tenure. His successor, Pravin Zantye, attempted to construct kiosks for local vendors, but the project faced objections from locals who demanded permanent shops instead. Although 36 shops were eventually provided, they still need to be occupied due to the lack of visitors.


To attract more tourists, the incumbent legislator, Premendra Shet, inaugurated a tourist bus to Mayem, initially bringing hope to locals. However, there have been no further trips after the inaugural one.


Looking ahead, locals have suggested that private agencies could include Mayem Lake in their travel packages to increase footfall. Additionally, the government aims to leverage the existing resort-cum-cottages and dormitories run by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) to attract more tourists. These plans, if successful, could not only boost tourism but also contribute to the area's overall development.


An official mentioned that out of the 17 lodging and boarding hostel rooms, only 4-6 were occupied on weekends. They are considering partnering with private agencies to attract more tourists, which could benefit GTDC in the long run.


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