MakeMyTrip Announces New Features For Train Travel

The additional features will aim to elevate the experience of train travel and seek to resolve the rising complaints from passengers recently.

By Mrinal
New Update

Travelling in trains is all set to become easier, thanks to MakeMyTrip

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To improve Indians' train travel experience, MakeMyTrip, one of the largest Indian online travel companies, has launched new features. The features aim to elevate the travelling experience and resolve common consumer complaints.

The features will provide passengers with various assistance services

New Features

The tech-driven features will now divide a passenger's entire train journey into separate phases to target each problem area in detail.

  • The most significant addition by MakeMyTrip stands to be the Seat Lock feature which will allow passengers to book their confirmed tickets weeks in advance by paying just 25% of the total fare and paying the remaining amount 24 hours before the actual journey. This comes as a relief to the existing travel system where a passenger is supposed to book and fully pay for their ticket around 120 days before the travel date.
  • The website will now also offer customers Connected Travel, a special feature that will research and inform passengers of different bus and train routes, layovers, and schedules that they will need to follow to reach from their starting point to the final destination. This will provide the customers with direct information and take away the burden of researching on their own to create connected routes.
  • Route Extension Assistance will inform the customer of various options available for travelling from Point A to Point B in case their preferred route is unavailable.
  • The Nearby Stations Recommendations will suggest the passenger nearby railway stations in case seats to their preferred station are not available.
  • Free Cancellation will also be provided to customers where they can cancel their bookings with 100% return.
Rajesh Magow, co-founder & group CEO, MakeMyTrip

CEO Speaks

Highlighting the features, co-founder & group CEO, Rajesh Magow, MakeMyTrip, said, “We are committed to enriching train travel and ensuring every journey is a memorable experience on MakeMyTrip. We looked at the entire thread of train travel – from planning and identifying the right train, to the actual purchase experience and all the way through to pre-arrival stages. With the introduction of our new interventions at every step of the train booking and travel journey, we remain committed to empower travellers with choice, flexibility, and peace of mind, setting a new standard for effortless, convenient, and enjoyable train travel.”

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