Saudi Arabia Unveils Yanbu City as New Tourist Hotspot

The first tourist destination in Yanbu City has been unveiled by Saudi Arabia. Baheej Tourism Development, a joint venture between ASFAR and the Tamimi-AWN Alliance, plans to expand the Royal Commission's waterfront area in Yanbu.

By Priyal Dutta
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Baheej Tourism Development Company has revealed Yanbu City's first tourist destination in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has revealed the inaugural tourist destination in Yanbu City. Baheej Tourism Development Company, a collaborative venture between ASFAR, the Saudi tourism investment company owned by PIF, and the Tamimi-AWN Alliance, has unveiled plans to develop the waterfront area of the Royal Commission at Yanbu.


 Yanbu City Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Their initial project in Yanbu will encompass a 32,000 sq. m area and three prominent leisure assets: a beach escape, a tourist activation centre, and a lifestyle hotel. Additionally, the project will include a fourth component, with details to be announced later.


Each component is designed to provide rich and comprehensive experiences and sustainable tourism offerings. Soon, visitors will be able to explore the historic city of Yanbu. The city has a rich history dating back to the 16th century and is known for its architectural marvels and sandy beaches.


Baheej envisions Yanbu as an iconic destination that showcases Saudi Arabia's rich culture, history, and natural wonders, providing unique and inspiring experiences to visitors. Nora Al Tamimi, CEO of Baheej, expressed, "We believe that destinations are not just built but discovered, and Baheej is committed to uncovering Saudi Arabia's hidden gems. Our strategic collaborations aim to curate unparalleled experiences that showcase Saudi Arabia's rich culture, history, and natural wonders.


"Yanbu City's contemporary infrastructure, captivating environment, and attractive coastal landscapes make it an exceptional gateway to the Red Sea Riviera. We anticipate the complete unveiling of our destination and its components by the end of 2027."

Nora Al Tamimi, CEO of Baheej

Al Tamimi envisions the project unfolding in three phases, focusing on community engagement, sustainability, and minimal environmental impact. Through meticulous analysis of risks and investment opportunities, Yanbu is poised to become a sought-after tourist destination, both locally and internationally.

Baheej's pivotal role includes integrating local culture and environmental sustainability, enhancing Yanbu's appeal, and fostering regional development. This commitment underlines a transformative journey for Yanbu's hospitality landscape, seamlessly blending community heritage and environmental stewardship.


The launch of Baheej's project in Yanbu City aligns with Saudi Vision 2030's objectives, aiming to foster a prosperous economy and vibrant society. As a diversified developer and destination management company, Baheej aims to craft accessible tourism experiences that meet international standards while remaining contextual and sustainable.


These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to transform Saudi towns into thriving, sustainable destinations. Baheej's commitment to reshaping urban spaces extends to announcing additional projects in other cities by year-end, underscoring its strategic vision for reshaping and revitalizing urban spaces across the region.

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