Says Albania Is Top Family Travel Destination has revealed that Albania is a highly sought-after family destination this summer, with increased searches and interest indicating a solid trend in travel preferences.

By Priyal Dutta
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Albania's central location in the Mediterranean Sea and its diverse climatic, geological, and hydrological conditions contribute to its rich and contrasting biodiversity.

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00:00 / 00:00 has revealed that Albania is a highly sought-after family destination this summer, with increased searches and interest indicating a solid trend in travel preferences. As the days lengthen and become warmer, families prepare for their much-anticipated summer vacations by preparing their travel gear., a leading online travel agency, has observed a significant increase in searches for family accommodations, with an 8% rise from the previous year and a 21% surge in global flight searches. These statistics underscore the enthusiasm for summer travel, with families eager to make the most of the sunny, warmer days ahead.

ukuk offers reservations for approximately 2.7 million properties, including 400,000 hotels, motels, and resorts, as well as 2.3 million homes and apartments, in over 220 countries and in over 40 languages

Families' top priorities include beautiful beaches, delicious local cuisine, and immersive cultural experiences. Quality time is the primary incentive for 62% of families, followed closely by the need to relax effectively (58%) and the desire to explore new places (48%). This year's popular destinations align well with these motivations, featuring locations renowned for their stunning coastlines, rich gastronomy, and deep cultural engagements. From the serene shores of Durres, Albania, to the diverse neighbourhoods of Tokyo, Japan, these destinations offer various accommodations and vacation experiences that promise to enrich and delight every family member.

Albania has diverse mountain ranges, including the Albanian Alps, Korab Mountains, Pindus Mountains, Ceraunian Mountains, and Skanderbeg Mountains offers over 29 million listings worldwide across 220 countries and over 175,000 destinations, providing families with the perfect lodging options for their summer plans. This includes over 7.4 million listings in homes, apartments, and other unique stays, positioning as a leader in alternative accommodation options.

This summer is poised to redefine the notion of well-travelled children, with revealing that 42% of European flight searches include at least one child. Asian and North American children are not far behind, contributing significantly to the global trend. Certain nations are pioneering summer family travel, cultivating a generation of young globe-trotters who are experiencing the excitement of flying from an early age and immersing themselves in diverse cultures, landscapes, and culinary worlds. Over half (50%) of all flight searches from these countries include children.


Moreover, family travel patterns reveal that some nations are venturing further than others this summer, with notable percentages choosing destinations on different continents.

fbf has observed an 8% increase in family accommodations searches and a 21% surge in global flight searches compared to last year

Many interests and behaviours are reshaping how families travel, moving away from traditional vacation norms. A significant 55% of global families are motivated to travel to places featured in films or TV shows, underscoring the impact of media on travel decisions. Almost half (48%) of families plan to incorporate AI tools into their 2024 travel planning, indicating a shift towards innovative and efficient travel preparations. On its mobile app,'s AI Trip Planner is already helping US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand families plan their trip. 

The concept of travel nannies is gaining traction, with 31% of families considering allocating a portion of their travel budget to child care during their vacations. This trend is even more pronounced in countries like India, Hong Kong, and Thailand, where over half of the families are open to this idea. Comfort remains paramount, with 74% of families globally highlighting air conditioning as a crucial amenity when booking accommodations.

grdh makes orchestrating the perfect summer family vacation easier, enabling travellers to seamlessly arrange accommodations, flights, car rentals, and local activities through one platform.


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