New Executive Sous Chef at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Satare's new role involves enhancing the hotel's reputation and delivering exceptional guest dining experiences. He will manage and train his team, curate menus, and oversee operations and culinary standards.

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JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is located on the shores of Mumbai, overlooking the renowned Juhu Beach and offering a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea

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JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu has appointed Sanket Sunil Satare as its new executive sous chef. With over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry, Satare is known for his flair, panache, and innovative cooking techniques. Having honed his skills in various top hotels nationwide, including his most recent role at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, Satare is poised to bring his passion and creativity to his new position.

Sunil Satare has more than 15 years of experience in the culinary industry

As the executive sous chef, Satare will focus on maintaining the hotel's culinary standards, training the team, developing menus, overseeing operations, and ensuring high-quality food services. His expertise and leadership are expected to enhance the dining experiences for the hotel's guests and contribute to the hotel's commitment to providing world-class dining offerings.

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