Jammu & Kashmir Push To Become Sports Destination

The government of India is working towards rebranding Jammu and Kashmir as World Sports Destination as the state has the potential to become a world-renowned spot.

By Mrinal
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J&K government wants the state to become a world-renowned sports spot

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According to a report by Rising Kashmir, Raja Yaqoob, director, Tourism, Kashmir, has claimed that the government is considering promoting Jammu and Kashmir as World Sports Destination. Yaqoob, speaking to the press on May 26, 2024, in Srinagar, claimed that the state holds excellent potential for the role and can attract a string of sports fans to the area if promoted to its full potential.

Golf - a very popular sport in J&K

Government Speaks

“Our endeavours are focused on transforming Jammu and Kashmir into a world-renowned sports destination. As we know, J&K boasts some of the finest golf courses so we are actively pursuing the organisation of international tournaments here. The golf courses in the Kashmir valley are amongst the finest, and the government is striving to attract international tournaments. The government is gradually working to organise more international matches here as over the last three to four years, the sports infrastructure in the valley has been vastly improved,” stated Raja Yaqoob, director of tourism, Kashmir.

Raja Yaqoob, director of tourism, Kashmir

Speaking on the same, Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, advisor to lieutenant governor, Jammu and Kashmir, said, “We want more people to come and enjoy golf in the beautiful valley. The government has already done a lot and plans to do more to make sports better in J&K. Every year, big golf tournaments are held in Kashmir, which helps bring more visitors, and I believe that J&K is perfect for golf and adventure. The government is bringing more big tournaments and making the golf courses even better.” According to him, three golf courses in J&K meet international standards.

Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, advisor to lieutenant governor, Jammu and Kashmir

The statements echo the sentiments expressed by former minister of state for Sports and Youth Affairs (2019-21), Kiren Rijiju, who also pitched for J&K to become an international sports destination in 2020.

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