$1 Million Made By Venice With €5 Tourist Tax

To curb overtourism in the land, Venice initiated a €5 tourist tax for day visitors in April 2024. After having collected the first 11 days-worth of tax application, Schengen News reports that the city has already collected one million euros in fund.

By Mrinal
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Venice is the first city in the world to charge tourists a visiting fee

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According to a report by Schengen News, Venice started charging tourist a visiting fee of €5 to manage over-tourism, and in just 11 days, the city was able to collect one million euros in revenue.

The Grand Canal in Venice

Per the report, around 195000 tickets were sold between April 25-May 5. This was way more than the government had anticipated, and just the amount collected between these days generated a revenue of around €975,000 for the land. However, the amount of the total revenue is still not a cause of joy as the city in Italy still fails to cover its expenses with it, especially the ones incurred by creating a special online reservation system, conducting information campaigns, and managing ticket controls. The total amount of the operation was said to be around three million euros.

Venice is contemplating raising the fee to €10

To deal with this, the place is contemplating raising the tourist fee to €10, and guests trying to visit the city without paying the tax are said to face fines between €50-300. The fee only applies to residents who live outside the Veneto region and children above 14 years of age. Though the fee has put a slight hiccup in the number of visitors, the locals are still not happy with the influx of tourists. With the charge, Venice became the first city in the world to charge its own entry fee for tourists. Following Venice, Como, the city situated along the renowned Lake Como, is also pondering the same decision of charging a tourist fee.

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