Six Flights Diverted as Lightning Strikes Goa Airport

Lightning strikes the Manohar International Airport in Goa, subsequently damaging the runway lights. Six flights were diverted as restoration operations were underway.

By Mrinal
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Lightning struck the airport at around 17:15 on May 22

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A lightning strike at the Manohar International Airport in Goa caused six flights to be diverted from the airport. According to an official statement, the lightning ended up damaging the runway edge lights.

The six flights were diverted to nearby destinations

A spokesperson of the airport informed the media that the lightning struck the airport in North Goa at around 17:15 on May 22, 2024. “MIA took Notice to Airmen up to 20:00 by which time the damaged lights were rectified to bring the airport operations to normalcy. Inconvenience caused to the passengers is sincerely regretted. Such natural calamities are beyond human control.” he stated. All the diverted six flights were asked to make their way to nearby destinations instead of landing at the Goa airport.

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