Qatar Airways Returns to Venice Skies

Qatar Airways has officially resumed flights between Doha and Venice, suspended four years ago because of the COVID-19 epidemic. With the reopening of this route, Qatar Airways currently has three Italian destinations: Venice, Milan, and Rome.

By Priyal Dutta
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This connection is intended to encourage more travel to the Far East and Southeast Asia by giving travellers easy access to these areas

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Qatar Airways' Venice-Packed Schedule

Qatar Airways has officially restarted flights between Doha and Venice, four years after they were suspended because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The daily service departs Doha at 9:00 a.m. local time and arrives at Venice Marco Polo Airport at 2:20 p.m. Return flights from Venice leave at 4:50 PM local time and arrive in Qatar at 11:10 PM.


With the resumption of this route, Qatar Airways now has three destinations in Italy, adding Venice to its current routes to Milan and Rome. This expansion demonstrates the airline's dedication to improving its network and giving passengers more travel options. Qatar Airways now flies to over 170 destinations globally, cementing its status as a significant global airline.


The resumption of the Doha-Venice route is very important to Venice Marco Polo Airport's long-haul network. This connection will encourage increased travel to the Far East and Southeast Asia, providing travellers convenient access to these regions. 


The restarted Doha-Venice flights are an important step toward rebuilding international travel routes and strengthening connections between key global destinations. This action demonstrates Qatar Airways' commitment to expanding its reach and providing more extensive travel options to its guests.


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