BARK Air Introduces Pet-First Flights

BARK, Inc. has launched BARK Air, a new airline service designed for dogs and their human companions. The new flight takes off from New York's Westchester County Airport on May 23. The aircraft will accommodate up to 15 dogs.

By Priyal Dutta
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Bark Air

Photo Courtesy: BarkAir

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BARK, Inc., a renowned pet company, has unveiled a groundbreaking airline service, BARK Air. This innovative service is tailored exclusively for dogs and their human companions, aiming to revolutionize pet travel. The inaugural flight, set to take off on May 23 from New York's Westchester County Airport, will link significant hubs like Los Angeles via Van Nuys Airport and London via Stansted Airport, promising an exciting new adventure for pet owners.

Bark Air

BARK Air's aircraft are equipped with several pet-friendly features designed to make the travel experience more comfortable for dogs. Each flight can accommodate up to 15 dogs and their humans without any discrimination based on breed or size. The airline has limited sales to ten tickets per flight to ensure that all passengers have a stress-free and comfortable travel experience.


Moreover, the airline understands that pets need to rest during the flight, so they have provided several options for dogs to get some sleep. Dogs can rest on their human's lap, seat, or in specially provided beds. Additionally, the airline has trained its staff to handle pets and ensure they are comfortable and happy throughout the journey.


The travel industry has recognized the need for more accommodating pet policies. American Airlines has also enhanced its services to allow passengers to bring a pet alongside a full-size carry-on. The launch of BARK Air plans to expand its services to other cities soon, providing a safe and comfortable flying experience for dogs and their owners

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