Ahmedabad Airport Increases Aircraft Capacity

The airport has increased capacity for airlines to make it easier for travel. New stands and aerobridges have been added to cater to increasing traffic.

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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad has undergone significant capacity enhancements. The newly developed airport has added five new parking stands at Terminal 2, increasing both flight operations and aircraft parking capacity, ANI has reported. 

Ahmedabad Airport

Capacity Expansion

The capacity expansion is in response to the rising demand for air travel in Ahmedabad, elevating the total number of parking stands from 13 to 18. These stands can accommodate aircraft commonly utilized by domestic airlines and some international carriers.

The introduction of these new parking stands gives airlines the opportunity to establish more connections to Ahmedabad. Apart from this, Terminal 2 will add four new aerobridges, taking the total number to eight. The airport has also implemented the Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) on four existing aerobridges, thereby optimizing the use of these stands.

Aircraft on Runway

With these advancements, Terminal 2 is now capable of handling 18 Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft, which are widely used by domestic and some international airlines. It can also accommodate five wide-body aircraft, such as Boeing 777, Boeing 787, or Airbus A350, in addition to large cargo aircraft like the AN 124, B744, and Beluga, which are primarily operated by international airlines. Terminal 2 is also prepared to handle Saudi Airlines’ Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which seats 450 passengers, particularly for Hajj operations.


Passengers to Benefit

The increased capacity not only enhances passenger traffic but also significantly improves operational efficiency, allowing for the accommodation of larger aircraft in the future. This development opens the possibility for international carriers to consider Ahmedabad as a frequent technical halt alongside their regular passenger flights.

Moreover, Ahmedabad has recently introduced a new twice-weekly direct cargo flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines, linking the city to Addis Ababa. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is steadfast in its commitment to continuous development and upgrades, with the aim of establishing itself as a premier aviation hub in western India.

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