Westin Hotels & Resorts Bolsters its ‘Best in Bed’ Reputation

Building upon its legacy of delivering deep, restorative sleep for guests, Westin Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of more than 30 hospitality brands, is unveiling its next-generation Heavenly® Bed.

By Shail
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Heavenly® Bed

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Westin has always understood sleep to be essential to overall health. Nowadays, a lot of tourists view a good night's sleep as a crucial component of their entire trip—a topic on which Westin has been an authority for many years. The growing sleep industry, which is predicted to expand by over $400 billion by 2028, is proof that people are looking for new ways to maximize their sleep experience when traveling because of this new emphasis on sleep quality.


Over 500,000 Heavenly Beds have been sold since the product's official launch at the Westin Store. The iconic Heavenly Bed has not only cleared the way for providing unmatched comfort for travelers, but it has also sparked consumer enthusiasm in bringing their sleep experience home. 


Energized by its enduring success and prestigious reputation, Westin embarked on a multi-year journey to invigorate guests’ sleep experience and enhance travelers’ well-being at its 240+ hotels and resorts globally.

The Heavenly Bed is a cornerstone of Westin's wellness offerings, but the hotel chain also provides its patrons with a plethora of industry-first programming and brand alliances via its Six Pillars of Well-Being: Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well, and Play Well. Every aspect of the Westin guest experience is created with the knowledge that visitors who value a restful night's sleep when traveling are also enthusiastic about their general well-being. As a result, every guest experience is intended to help guests depart feeling like better versions of themselves. 

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