Kerala Tourism Woos Foreign Tourists With Bus Campaign

Gods Own Country reaches London with buses in the iconic city plastered with stunning images of Kerala. The state tourism department is trending on social media.

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Kerala Tourism

Kerala is using innovative communication tools to promote God's Own Country

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The Kerala tourism department has launched an innovative marketing initiative by taking God’s Own Country global through bus branding. The iconic double-decker buses in London have been splattered with stunning visuals of Kerala. The campaign has been launched to to boost tourism in the state, just before the holiday season sets in.

London Bus With Kerala2
The London bus with Kerala branding

Infact, a video capturing the double bus branding has gone viral on social media platforms and has got over four million views. Kerala Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas also shared a video of the bus branding from London and wrote, “Kerala tourism’s new campaign method. Our Alappuzha and house boat in London buses. New campaign ideas that can be implemented in foreign countries will be informed in the comment box.”

Netizens on social media praised the state tourism department’s effort towards promoting Kerala tourism on foreign soil. This is the second time that such an initiative has been taken by the state government. In 2018, five London double-decker buses with visuals from Kerala were run across the city. The experiment was carried out with the iconic red buses, catching the attention of the commuters and the general public in London. Prior to that, the department successfully branded Kerala on taxis across London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

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