IHG Hotels Partners With Enneagram To Offer Personal Vacations

The trending personality quiz outlines nine distinct personality types, and IHG has matched each type with their perfect destination - creating a personalised experience for all travellers this summer.

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Making Travel Personal

In an age marked by personal exploration and self-discovery, people have embraced a new fascination: personality tests. One of which, the Enneagram, has captivated many. IHG Hotels & Resorts has tapped Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober, a community psychologist and certified Enneagram coach, to help curate custom vacation destinations for every enneagram type. “Understanding your motivations and unique way of seeing the world can be a great way to start building your dream travel itinerary. The Enneagram framework shows just how much motivations can impact preferences. The destinations I’ve curated with IHG for each Enneagram type is another way travelers can enjoy life and live authentically - whether they are looking for something adventurous or more low-key; surrounded by family or solo.” Alongside IHG, Ashton leveraged her expertise on personality types to identify a personalized destination that makes sure you make the most of your trip.

Type 1 : The Perfectionist

Type ONEs are highly responsible achievers, which is why taking time for some R&R is much needed. When thinking about how to use their paid time off (PTO), ONEs pursue quality over quantity. They would rather plan one picture perfect trip than a few half-baked ONEs. ONEs are willing to put in the work and research to find the best-of-the-best experiences and make the most of their vacation.

Type 1
Type 1: Six Senses Kyoto

Type 2 : The Helper

Type TWOs value relationships and family bonding; for these types, it’s about the people they travel with, not the destination. TWOs are natural helpers who want to solve every problem. Because of their generosity, they can often lose sight of what they desire, doing what appeases the group - but TWOs need love too! A trip full of relaxation and the ones they love around them would be a perfect fit.

Type 2
Type 2: Staybridge Cannes Centre

Type 3 : The Achiever

Type THREEs are confident, enthusiastic, focused and inspiring. They love being in-the-know and finding all the best spots in town. The ideal vacation for a THREE is action-packed, full of sightseeing and adventure.

Type 3
Type 3: Kimpton Hotel, Evanti

Type 4 : The Individualist

Type FOURs are very aesthetic and thrive off creativity. FOURs use vacation as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world, get away from life’s routine and live authentically. They are also very visual and drawn to naturally beautiful places, using magazines and social media to draw inspiration for their next off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Type 4
Type 4: Indigo Hotel, Galapagos

Type 5 : The Investigator

Type FIVEs are intelligent, curious and perceptive, always looking to gain more knowledge. They tend to be more introverted, preferring solo travel so they can see and do everything they want, but on their own terms. FIVEs relax through reading, visiting museums, or trying new things.

Type 5
Type 5: voco Oxford Thames

Type 6 : The Loyalist

Type SIXes are known for being loyal, dependable, and great problem solvers. SIXes are prone to experiencing anxiety, which only intensifies if they face the unexpected. When it comes to travel, they are always prepared ahead of time, so they know exactly what to expect.

Type 6
Type 6: Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resorts

Type 7 : The Enthusiast

Type SEVENs are known for their positive attitude and excitement for life. SEVENs make great travelers because of their desire to explore everything and experience new adventures. Their ideal vacation is full of activities, sightseeing and meeting new people. They also prefer to stay a long time in one place so they can acclimate and accomplish everything there is to do – leaving no stone unturned.

Type 7
Atwell Suites, Miami

Type 8 : The Challenger

Type EIGHTs are energized and resourceful. They see a vacation as an opportunity to experience life to the fullest. EIGHTs want to see and do everything, leaving a trip feeling exhausted but fulfilled. Type EIGHTs want to leave their mark on the world, which usually means they want their vacation to serve a bigger purpose. That could be anything from building relationships with loved ones or doing an activity with a positive impact on the world.

Type 8
Type 8: Holida Inn, Codi Buffalo

Type 9 : The Peacemaker

Type NINEs are the easiest to get along with, making them a perfect travel companion. A NINE won’t exhaust themselves trying to jam pack their itinerary; they prefer enjoying the moment and going with the flow. The downside to their easy-going nature is their difficulty in making decisions – where to stay, what to eat, where to explore.

Type 9
Type 9: Iberostsar, Punta Cana



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