Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah Set to Captivate Global Travellers

A crescent-shaped project called Ghamam is being built in Kalba, Sharjah. From 850 meters above sea level, it will offer stunning views of the mountains, valleys, and coast.

By Priyal Dutta
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The Ghamam project is set to have a transformative impact on Sharjah's travel and tourism sector

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Lunar Light: Sharjah's New Mountain Destination

A new crescent-shaped project is emerging on top of a hill in Sharjah's Kalba. Named Ghamam, which means 'above the clouds,' this project is situated approximately 850 meters above sea level on Jebel Deem. It will provide stunning panoramic views of the mountains, valleys, and the coast, reshaping the tourism landscape in the region.


Boosting Kalba as a Tourist Hub

Kalba is rapidly gaining popularity in Sharjah, and several new attractions are adding to its allure. Recent additions include the Hanging Gardens, Al Hefaiyah Lake, and a clock tower, all contributing to its growing reputation.


Impact on the Travel and Tourism Sector

The Ghamam project is set to have a transformative impact on Sharjah's travel and tourism sector. Here is how:

· Increased Tourist Influx: Ghamam's unique design and high-altitude location are expected to attract many tourists, boosting local tourism.

· Economic Growth: The development is expected to stimulate economic activity in the region, leading to job creation and benefiting local businesses.

· Enhanced Visitor Experience: By offering a mix of natural beauty, modern amenities, and cultural attractions, Ghamam will enhance the overall visitor experience, encouraging longer stays and repeat visits.

·  Environmental Focus: The project's emphasis on planting trees and greening the area highlights a commitment to ecological sustainability, which is increasingly vital to modern travellers.

·  Cultural and Recreational Hub: With various amenities, such as a soccer stadium and an open-air theatre, Ghamam will be an artistic and leisure centre for locals and visitors.


Looking Ahead

The Ghamam project in Sharjah is a cutting-edge tourism initiative that aims to set new industry standards by blending natural beauty with modern conveniences and prioritizing sustainability. It is expected to become a prominent global destination, significantly influencing Sharjah's travel and tourism sector and beyond.


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