Japan & Luxembourg Team Up for Working Holiday Visa

Luxembourg and Japan have agreed to launch a Working Holiday Program starting today. This program will allow young adults from both countries to travel and work in the other country for up to one year, promoting cultural exchange.

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This initiative aims to promote cultural exchange by allowing young adults from both nations to travel and work in another country for up to one year

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Starting today, Luxembourg and Japan have agreed to implement a Working Holiday Program. This program aims to facilitate cultural exchange by enabling young adults from both countries to travel and work in the other country for a period of up to one year.

Resident Luxembourg citizens need to demonstrate maintenance funds of around €1,900 and must leave Japan at the end of their stay



This program allows citizens of one country to enter the other country primarily for an extended holiday and to work incidentally during their holiday to supplement their travel funds. -Japan Embassy in Luxembourg

Key Benefits:

Please keep in mind the following information about a program that offers enhanced cultural immersion and employment opportunities in Japan for eligible Luxembourg citizens aged 18-30 who are residents of Luxembourg.


Enhanced Cultural Immersion: This program allows participants to gain firsthand experience with a new culture while working to supplement their travel expenses.


Streamlined Process: Eligible Luxembourg citizens aged 18-30 and residents of Luxembourg can skip the standard work visa application process by participating in this program.


Luxembourg Citizen Requirements:

·       Proof of residency in Luxembourg

·       Demonstration of sufficient financial resources (approximately €1,900)

·       Commitment to departing Japan upon program completion


Application Procedures:

Please refer to the Embassy of Japan in Luxembourg for specific application details and processes.


Additional Considerations:

·       Working holiday visas are valid for three months from the date of issuance. Make sure your travel plans align with this timeframe.

·       Single-entry visas are issued, and a special re-entry permit is required to re-enter Japan after departure.


This program enables citizens of both countries to travel and work in each other's states for one year

In addition to this program, China has extended visa-free entry for Luxembourg citizens until December 2025. This policy allows for multiple short-term stays in China without a visa application.


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