China Announces Visa-Free Entry for Cruise Ship Tourists

China announces a new visa-free entry policy for foreign tourist groups arriving in the country’s coastal area via cruise ships, provided their stay does not exceed 15 days.

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Visa-free entry for foreign tourist groups in China

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In order to boost tourism and aid relief with strict visa rules, China has announced a new visa-free policy for all passengers travelling via cruise ships and arriving at the coastal areas in the nation.

The stay, however, should not exceed the time limit of 15 days

According to the rule, foreign tourist groups of two or more individuals can now enter China without visas, provided that they arrive on a cruise ship organised by a Chinese travel company and that their stay is within the time limit of 15 days. Cruise ports in 13 cities of the nation are included in the policy, from Dalian in the north to Sanya in the south. Tourists are also allowed to look around and travel within these coastal provinces. The announcement comes as a relief against the 2016 decision to limit the entry point for international cruises to Shanghai.

Mao Xu, Director General, Department of Foreigners Management, NIA, China

Talking of the same, Mao Xu, Director General of the Department of Foreigners Management, National Immigration Administration, said, “The visa-free entry policy for foreign tour groups on cruise ships will provide policy support for development of the cruise industry. It will help attract more foreign tourists to China and provide more convenient channels for people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries.”

The country aims to boost its weakening tourism sector with the policy

The decision was deliberated together by different government sectors like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The call, in the end, was taken in favour to boost the country’s tourism since its weakening economy has been facing trouble attracting tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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