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Czech Republic

Get surrounded by Nature

A traveller couple on the mountain top in Czech Republic

The picturesque country of the Czech Republic is beautiful destination known for its fairytale like castles, but it is also a country that is home to miles after miles of natural wonders and scenic marvels. The Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains which separates it from its neighbors.

When in the Czech Republic, surround yourself with nature and places you will never be able to forget, explore caves and rock cities, walk through fairy-tale like landscapes of nature parks, forests and breath-taking gorges filled with beautiful lakes and rivers.

Anyone who appreciates stunning nature, clean air in their lungs, and active movement will feel as if they are in paradise when exploring and hiking through the mountain ranges in the Czech Republic. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic is Snežka; during wintertime to go up Praded; the highest mountain in the Jeseníky you will need to go on foot or skis.

Here are names of a few more mountains in the Czech Republic:

• the South Bohemian Šumava Mountains

•Mount Radhošt – a place steeped in myths

and legends

• Mount Ríp – the heart of Czech history

•Lysá Mountain – highest peak in the Beskydy Mountains

• the Jizera mountains

• Krkonoše Mountains

(L) A tourist doing rock climbling in Czech Republic; (R) Tourist couples having fun of skiing activity

Another enticing mystery that awaits you here are the underground tunnels and rock caves. Whether these caverns were created by nature over millions of years or by work of hands digging in mountains, they are a must see! The beauty of these mountains is heart stealing and enticing.

When exploring these caves, you will see more than just stalagmites, stalactites and dripstone, these caves and underground tunnels will take on a trip into a hidden world underground for example when exploring the caves of Mladec you will see a ritual burial with figurines of prehistoric people, and one of the attractions of the Chýnov Cave and Bozkov Caves is an underground lake, in the Punkva caves of the Moravian Karst you will find the Macocha Abyss whose depth of nearly 140 metres, discover the underground world of the Turold Cave, located on the outskirts of Mikulov.

Visit the Czech Republic to explore the wonderful landscapes with high mountain slopes, flat ridges, alpine meadows with colorful wildflowers, unspoilt scenery full of distant views, unique and bizarre rock formations, devilishly beautiful lakes, and underground mysterious rivers and lose yourself in the natural wonders.

(L) A tourist group taking outdoor lunch; (R) A tourist family enjoy river rafting

A tourist couple having fun at a waterfall

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