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Maharashtra’s Hidden Gems

Fazlani Nature’s Nest

With the monsoons knocking on our doors, it’s time to plan weekend getaways. This time of the year, Maharashtra is at its most beautiful, with its lush green hills and gorgeous water bodies. From forts and dams to scenic waterfalls and wellness resorts – Maharashtra has got it all!

In the stunning rolling hills of the Western Ghats are hidden many monsoon gems that are waiting to be explored. Whether you like trekking or relaxing, there’s something in it for everyone. Here are some of the season’s hottest picks to help you plan your monsoon escapades.

Takwe Village

Takwe region is a unique, with its quaint countryside life and friendly local who are always happy to help. One of Maharashtra’s best kept secrets, it is very close to Lonavala, making it easily accessible from both Pune and Mumbai. In its idyllic environs, free your mind as you take in fresh air, gorge on fresh local food and stare into the endless horizon of plush foliage.


One of the most notable peaks in Harishchandragad, Konkankada is a monsoon marvel. For trekkers who make the ascent, there’s the rewarding sunset or many times, even a rainbow waiting. For the truly adventurous, it can be made into a 2-day trek with an exciting, albeit unorganised, night stay in the caves.

Mulshi Dam

Perhaps one of the most popular must-do’s, Mulshi Dam never gets old. Apart from it being a crucial hydro electric power plant, the dam offers a great monsoon experience with its overflowing waters, stunning scenery and tons of great eating places around, many of which offer unparalleled views that can be enjoyed only in the rainy season.


A popular fortress located between Matheran and Panvel, Irshalgad is an easy 2-hour trek. The peak offers magnificent views of the surrounding vistas that include a quaint village and clean lakes. The Irshalkarni Devi temple is also close by, and makes for a short visit to an ancient temple.

Tikona Fort

Also known as Vitandgad, it’s one of the most prominent forts in the Maval region. It’s very close to Kamshet, making it easily accessible from both, Mumbai and Pune. Located at 3,500 ft., the Tikona Fort is said to date back to the 7th century. The breathtaking trek may be challenging but is well worth it when you reach Pawna Lake at the summit. Says Hemant Bagga, CEO – Fazlani Nature’s Nest, “Maharashtra is, arguably, at its most stunning in the monsoons. The state is blessed with rolling mountains and plentiful water bodies that come alive in the rains. The city life is hard and often keeps us away from nature for months at a stretch. It’s amazing how just a few days in the lap of nature, with trees, natural water bodies, animals and flowers, can help a person feel refreshed. Fazlani Nature’s Nest is designed as an oasis of calm, with its luxurious rooms, soothing landscaping, a stallion castle, organic cafes and attractive duck parades. Guests often go back ready to take on the world!”

Tikona Fort

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