You Can Now Book Europe’s First International Electric Flight

The sustainable future of aviation is here with the launch of the first-ever set of international flights in Europe that are completely run on electricity. Read below to know how to book your seat!

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Europe's first international electric flight takes to the sky

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Electric Flights For Europe

In a joint venture, Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST) in Limburg, Netherlands, has announced that Europe’s first set of international flights that are powdered completely by electricity are now open to be booked by public. The project, Electrifly, is being run by the airports in Maastricht, Liege, and Aachen, FH Aachen (a European centre for aerospace and engineering), ASL Group (an aviation operator), and NIO (a manufacturer of electric road vehicles). In addition to the electric air service, NIO, through the project, is also offering electric road transportation, highlighting the all-electric route for complete travel.

The flights will be available for booking till August 31

The set flights will connect Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The flights are open for booking now and will be available till August 31, 2024. The project’s website or app can be used to book the tickets.


Jonas van Stekelenburg, CEO, MST, states, “The Electrifly project is a glimpse into the future of aviation and an open invitation to all kind of parties who want to develop the future of eAviation to do so at Maastricht Aachen Airport. It is a huge step forward in MST’s mission to facilitate zero-emission flights available for the public, opening the door to sustainable air links between regional airports and partnerships with mobility and aviation partners who strive for the same goals regarding zero-emission transportation. Anyone pursuing this goal is welcome at our airport, this innovative partnership is a spectacular achievement for Euregio and underlines our belief that MST is the perfect location and facility for testing and developing eAviation. I would like to applaud the tireless, dedicated, and professional contribution that FH, ASL, and NIO have made toward this project, and we hope to work on similar projects in the future with FH, ASL, NIO and other parties who can accelerate the development of eAviation.”

Jonas van Stekelenburg, CEO, MST

Adding on, Ruben Keuter, GM, NIO, Netherlands, said, “NIO is proud to be able to provide the emission free limousine service from door to airport and airport to destination in this amazing project. Electrifly and NIO share the same goal – to provide a cleaner future for next generations – and both are groundbreaking in bringing new technologies to the market; the future is here!”

Ruben Keuter, GM, NIO, Netherlands

Representing the sustainable future of travel, the Electrifly project will soon also see the trail run of a door-to-door electric transportation project that the collaborators are currently working on.

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