New Name for Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

To establish itself in the global market, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has rebranded itself as the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

By Mrinal
New Update

Glenn Mandzluk, CEO, WSHA, unveils its new name

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In a bid to highlight its ever-growing international presence as well as to bring about a change that impacts the global world as a whole, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance has rebranded its name to World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

The new logo for World Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

Announced at the Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh, the new World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance now aims to work even harder to promote “net positive hospitality for people, planet, place, and prosperity”. The organisation also underlined their cause at the event and talked of their aim to drive in a wave of change that has never been seen before.

World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance aims to promote “net positive hospitality for people, planet, place, and prosperity”

Presenting the rebranding news, Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, WSHA, said, “Our name change reflects our journey towards inclusivity and the global expansion of our mission. The Alliance has transformed into a worldwide movement, fostering collaboration, and addressing the tangible changes in international policy, criteria, and business practices. Our vision of Net Positive Hospitality, where the industry contributes more than it consumes, is now closer than ever.”

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, WSHA

The World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, founded in 1992 as the International Hotels Environment Initiative, now stands with almost 30 years of legacy where it has worked with various hospitality companies and partners to “accelerate the path to net positive hospitality through strategic industry leadership, collaborative action, and harmonisation of metrics and regenerative solutions.” More than 40 international hotel companies and value chain partners are its members and, overall, it has a combined reach of over 50,000 properties.

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