Kerala to Host Conference on Gender Inclusive Tourism

The global Responsible Tourism conference will be on the topic 'Responsible and Gender Inclusive Tourism' and will be held in Kerala in October this year.

By Mrinal
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Kerala is all set to make itself a gender inclusive destination

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Kerala is all set to showcase itself as a global destination by hosting an international conference on Responsible and Gender Inclusive Tourism in October 2024. The conference will be held under the Responsible Tourism initiative and will aim to highlight Kerala as a gender-inclusive tourism spot. The state will also introduce new initiatives and plans to make the tourist places of the state more female-friendly and safe. The state plans to amend its tourism sector before the conference and rectify the issues at grassroots level.

The conference will be held in October 2024

Tourism Board Speaks

Talking of the conference, K. Biju, tourism secretary, Kerala Tourism, said, “The RT initiative has made vital contributions in marking Kerala as an all-season experiential destination. It has successfully taken tourism to heights in a sustainable manner with the active participation of local communities. The salient features of this unique project will be unveiled before a global audience at the conclave.”

K. Biju, tourism secretary, Kerala Tourism

The tourism board of the state will aim to work with local bodies to identify the issues faced by travellers, especially women travellers, and address them in time for the conference. Aid from civic bodies and UN Women programmes will also be taken in consideration. Kerala Tourism had also organised a Global Responsible Tourism Summit back in February 2023.

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