New AI Tourism App for Greece

Greece is all set to launch its very own AI-powered tourist app, stated the minister of Digital Governance at an event hosted by The Economist in Athens, Greece.

By Mrinal
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Vacationing in Greece is now easy-peasy, all thanks to an AI-powered tourist app

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The Details

Greece is all set to launch a new tourism app powered by artificial intelligence. The app, a joint project by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Digital Governance of Greece, will aim to “enhance the tourist experience in the country”. It will provide personalised recommendations, guidance, and information to the tourist in order to make their stay in Greece easier.

The app will provide information & personalised recommendations to tourists

The announcement of the app was made at the ‘In the World of Artificial Intelligence—New Tools, New Possibilities’ event hosted by The Economist under aegis of the United Nations, the Ministry of Digital Governance, and the Municipality of Athens.

Dimitris Papastergiou, minister, Digital Goverance, Greece

Dimitris Papastergiou, minister of Digital Governance, Greece, pointed out that the app, once fully functional, may eliminate the need of specific jobs in the tourist sector, but it will also end up creating different jobs. Talking of the development of the app, he said, “We have to make our own models, create our own technology, our own infrastructures such as Daidalos, data centres with a green sign, but also change educational programmes at universities to ensure positive results.”

Greece welcomed over 36 million tourists in 2023

Greece has been at the forefront of embracing AI in its society with an AI-powered TV presenter, AI supercomputers, AI public apps etc.

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