First Ever Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave in Hyderabad

The conclave is being organised to boost sustainable inbound and outbound tourism in Telangana. It is said to witness the participation from Telangana government officials, 20 international and state tourism boards, 100+ exhibitors, and 500+ participants.

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FTCCI is all set to host its Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave

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The Federation of Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI), under the aegis of the Government of Telangana and the Telangana Tourism Board, is all set to host the FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave managed by iCONEX in Hyderabad at HICC.

The event will be managed by iCONEX

Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave

The four-day event will start with a two-day experiential FAM trip on July 27-28 and will be followed by the conclave on July 29-30, 2024. It will aim to boost sustainable inbound and outbound tourism in Telangana and attract a global influx of tourists, allowing participants to experience the state’s vibrancy and to showcase Hyderabad’s culture in all its beauty.

Two-day experiential FAM trips will be a part of the event

The conclave is expected to feature a diverse array of speakers right from government officials to industry titans from the aviation industry, designation management companies, international buyers and more, who will converse on rising trends and opportunities in various facets of the travel and tourism landscape.

The event will aim to showcase Hyderabad’s culture

Witnessing participation from 100+ exhibitors and 500+ participating companies from varied industry verticals like tour operators, guides, food packaging, leisure tourism, airlines, heritage properties, medical tourism leaders, adventure tourism, film tourism, sports tourism, hospitality industry, event management, and wedding planners, it will like feature a repertoire of speakers like Birad Rajaram Yajnik and more.

It will witness the participation of 500+ companies


Expressing excitement at the upcoming conclave, Meela Jayadev, president, FTCCI said, “With the FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave 2024, we aim to empower and enhance the state of World and Telangana’s travel and tourism sector by creating an immersive platform fostering meaningful connections, creativity, and transformative thinking within the experiential tourism industry globally.”

Meela Jayadev, president, FTCCI

Rakhi Kankaria, chairperson of FTCCI Tourism Committee, added, “The FTCCI ETM Conclave 2024 showcases the unique aspects like ‘Salar Jung by Night’ which will be an experientially enriching highlight on the canvas of Telangana tourism. Our FAM trips will promise an unforgettable journey through India’s most cherished treasures, offering firsthand experiences that will deepen your appreciation for our diverse tourism opportunities. Additionally, our experiential pop-up shows will captivate and inspire.”

Rakhi Kankaria, chairperson, FTCCI Tourism Committee 

“The Conclave aims to leave a lasting impact on participants, energising the industry towards positive change through a series of dynamic and insightful sessions, hands-on experiences, and cultural exchanges, not to mention the collaborations fostered during the Conclave,” stated Abhimanyu Singh, director, iCONEX.

The FAM trips will focus on highlighting different sectors in Telangana

In order to showcase the diverse tapestry and versatility of Hyderabad, six familiarization trips will be conducted on July 27 and 28, covering industries and sectors like religious tourism, sports heritage, the city of Hyderabad, handloom and handicrafts, hospitality, hotels and conventions, as well as medical facilities.

The event will transform businesses across 40 dynamic tourism sectors

FTCCI's inaugural ETM Conclave 24’ in India is a groundbreaking event set to transform businesses across 40 dynamic tourism sectors, revolutionising the industry and setting new benchmarks for the future.

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