Destination Partnership Programme Auckland Extended For Second Year

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited has announced the renewal of Auckland’s Destination Partnership Programme for a second year. For the new session, the initiative will be active from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

By Mrinal
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An aerial view of Auckland that aims to increase its tourism ranking with the aid of Destination Partnership Programme

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As a result of a successful first year for Auckland’s Destination Partnership Programme, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited has announced its extension for a second year. The programme, created with the aim of “funding solutions to attract leisure travellers and business events” in the area, will slate its newest chapter from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. 


The logo of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

The programme sets out to offer different partnership levels to varied businesses to support collaborative growth, development, and sustainable tourism in the area. The partnerships offered to businesses range from free packages to platinum packages, and in the new session, two new categories will be added, namely Love AKL and Destination Services Partner. The new categories will propose a wider and better range of support activities for the businesses as well as promote Auckland as a desirable tourist spot. The services also offer features like being listed on Discover Auckland’s online platforms, open network for marketing, sales, and promotions, access to tradeshows and insights, representation at industry events etc.

The programme will offer two new category packages in the new session

Speaking on the wide variety of benefits offered by the programme, Annie Dundas, Director Destination, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, stated, “By joining forces with the industry, we can continue to position Auckland as a destination of choice for leisure travellers and business events in an incredibly competitive environment globally. Reflecting on our first year, we are thrilled with the support from the industry, from major players such as Auckland Airport and SkyCity Group, through to smaller operators like Time Unlimited Tours and Beyond the Blue. We want to build on this success and extend the offer and opportunity to the wider industry to share in and support Auckland’s success.”


Annie Dundas, Director Destination, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

According to TTGmice, the programme was able to cash in 1.1 million USD in its first year as it collaborated with more than 140 businesses across various sectors like local tourism operators, hotel and stay providers, venue companies etc. It also had big names like Accor Hotel Group, Hospitality Services, Cordis Auckland, SkyCity Group, and Auckland Airport as partners.



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