Jammu & Kashmir Starts Land Hunt For Five-Star Hotel Initiative

According to official figures, more than 1.25 million tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir till May 15, 2024, breaking all previous footfall records for the land.

By Mrinal
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J&K wants to set up new five-star hotels for tourists

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The government of Jammu and Kashmir has started a hunt for land to build five-star hotels across the state. The decision comes after Jammu and Kashmir saw a record number of tourists in the area—1.25 million just until May 15, 2024, with the number all set to double in the coming months.


The state witnessed a footfall of 1.25 million till May 15

The Order

The order has been issued by the General Administration Department in Jammu and Kashmir which asks the district-level constitutions to identify land for the set up of five-star hotels in the area. District-level panels have now been created just for the special task and the work for the identification and selection of the suitable land has been fast-tracked. They have also been asked to keep the distance to tourist spots in the area in mind whilst selecting land to ensure that everything in need is easily accessible to the guests.

The new hotels should be near popular tourist spots, says GAD

Tourism Department Says

Speaking to Deccan Herald on the same, a senior officer of the Tourism Department, J&K, commented, “We are committed to ensuring that every district in J&K hosts one or more five-star hotels, depending on the availability of suitable land. This initiative not only promises to enhance the tourist experience but also aims to spur local economies and create employment opportunities. We are witnessing good arrivals of foreign guests and to give them better experience beyond the natural beauty of the Valley, we should have five-star hotels across the UT.”

Tourism is one of the biggest money-maker for the state

The tourism sector is one of the biggest revenue streams for the state, cashing in around ₹6000 crore annually.

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