Namaste Dwaar Resort Expands with New 16-Room Wellness Village

Namaste Dwaar, a premium resort property offered by Namaste Holidays in Mansurpur, a midway transit centre for travellers travelling from Delhi to Haridwar and beyond, is currently developing its Mansurpur offerings.

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Namaste Dwaar, a premium mid-way resort on NH-58 in Mansurpur that connects Delhi to Haridwar-Rishikesh, recently completed its first full year of operation. The Rathi family, which owns the property, is extending the resort with an exclusive wellness village adjacent to it

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Escape to Wellness at Namaste Dwaar's New Village

Namaste Dwaar, a premium resort property offered by Namaste Holidays in Mansurpur, a midway transit centre for travellers travelling from Delhi to Haridwar and beyond, is expanding its Mansurpur services. Started a decade ago with Namaste Midway, the country's first highway food street, the Rathi family, the owners, expanded their offerings with a 45-room resort a few years ago and are now in the process of adding another aspect to the 12-acre property adjacent to the NH-58 - an exclusive wellness village. 

Erika Rathi defines the new area as a health town with separate access and exit ports

The resort's director, Erika Rathi describes the new portion as a health town with distinct entry and departure points. The village will include 16 residential units. She claims it is now under construction and will be ready in the next six months. While the wellness village will place a major emphasis on yoga and wellness therapies, with specialized doctors and staff, Rathi stated that tourists will also be able to experience village life in Mansurpur.

Erika Rathi, Director of Namaste Dwaar

She explained that the resort was designed as a wellness resort, and health and wellness are major focal points for the property. Built with a lot of local architectural detailing and an imposing 'Dwar,' the resort's walls, made of indigenous Lakhori bricks, give it a distinct look from a distance on the highway.

The beautiful boutique facility has 45 guest rooms—no two rooms are comparable, but each airy space speaks the same design language

Namaste Dwaar, designed by renowned architect Pradeep Sachdeva, whose name is synonymous with the design of Dilli Haat and the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi, features a piece of local art and artefact at every bend. The lobby is decorated with famed Athangudi tiles from Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. While in the lobby area, visitors cannot help but see images from a bygone era imprinted by the camera of famed photographer Sir Deen Dayal, who was also among the inaugural batch of IIT Roorkee students.

The resort is a gateway to India's rich rural culture and a wellness destination that provides traditional ayurvedic treatments and programs

She shared her experience with the resort's first year of full-fledged operations, stating that it capitalized on the premium accommodation gap between Delhi and other spiritual and recreational attractions in Uttarakhand. Set along a busy national highway yet flanked by huge stretches of sugarcane plantations, the property has piqued the interest of corporate retreat groups, family groups, and social groups alike. The guests are given a complete village experience by interacting with the locals and learning about farming and other farm operations. The hotel also offers indoor games, stargazing telescopes, children's simulators, a movie theatre, and so forth. 

Namaste Dwaar, a little under a two-hour drive from New Delhi, is nestled in the tranquil countryside of Mansurpur (Uttar Pradesh) on the Delhi-Haridwar route

Although the resort's administration first hesitated to accept weddings, Rathi stated that they have begun to accept boutique weddings and held numerous weddings, including foreign ones, in the previous six months. She stated that the resort offers various open areas, such as grass, pool, farm side, and so on, making it suitable for weddings. On the F&B front, guests have lots of options at the resort, including the Namaste Midway food court, which features all the international brands—McDonald's, Starbucks, Naivedyam, etc. 

The retreat's partnership with Amor Hospitality seeks to dramatically expand business through the distribution channels of travel agencies and tour operators

The resort recently collaborated with Amor Hospitality, a hotel marketing organization, on sales and marketing and the creation of guest experiences. The goal is to close the significant occupancy gap between weekdays and weekends by launching sales and marketing campaigns through both B2C and B2B channels.

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