Guess How Many New Hotels Will Open In Europe This Year?

Europe is on a roll. The continent is set to open a record number of new hotels this year. The UK leads the way, with London opening the maximum number of new hotels in 2024.

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Istanbul is amongst the cities where a slew of hotels are opening up

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The hotel industry is on a boom in Europe. The data from the continent is encouraging as the industry sees a sharp revival post the pandemic. 

Hotel Boom

According to a report by hotel sector analyst Lodging Econometrics (LE), Europe will open doors to 326 new hotels in 2024. In terms of keys, this amounts to an addition of 45,000 rooms across the continent. This massive growth underscores the robust expansion of the hotel industry in Europe.

In the first quarter of this year, 45 hotels opened in Europe, adding approximately 6,000 new rooms. Forecast for the remainder of the year indicate an additional 281 new properties with just over 39,000 rooms. While these figures represent a slight decrease from LE’s previous estimate of 350 new hotels and 48,600 rooms, the overall growth remains good.

Paris Eiffel Tower

The projection for 2025 is even more encouraging. The European continet is expected to see even greater expansion, with LE forecasting the opening of 367 new hotels, which is more than 53,000 new rooms. This continued growth highlights the region’s attractiveness and resilience in the global hospitality market.

The LE forecast says that presently there are 1,705 hotel projects in various stages of development across Europe, which will add over 250,000 new rooms once they open.. Of these hotels, around 45 percent (762 hotels) are already under construction, demonstrating strong ongoing investment in the sector.


The Leaders

United Kingdom leads the way in new hotel developments, with 321 projects in the pipeline. Germany (180 hotels), France (130), Portugal (120), and Turkey (116) are the other nations on a hotel boom. Together, these top five countries account for 48 percent of all planned new rooms in Europe.


If you look at European cities, London is leading with 80 hotel projects in development. London is followed by Istanbul, which has 51 hotels in the pipeline, and Lisbon, with 37 projects. These cities are key hubs for tourism and business travel, driving demand for new hotel infrastructure.

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