Air India to Operate 20 Routes to Assist Crisis-Hit Air India Express

Air India Express is facing flight cancellations due to a cabin crew protest. Air India will be operating flights on 20 of its subsidiary's routes to assist affected passengers and regions.

By Priyal Dutta
New Update

An airline owned by the Tata group has fired approximately 25 senior cabin crew members. The termination was made after over a hundred senior cabin crew members took mass sick leave.

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Air India Express is currently facing flight cancellations of 74 of its flights due to an ongoing protest by some cabin crew members. Air India has announced that it will operate flights on 20 of its subsidiary's routes to assist passengers affected by the disruptions.

For flight cancellations or delays exceeding three hours, passengers can choose a full refund or reschedule without fees.

In a press release on Thursday, the airline stated, "We will be operating 283 flights today. Air India has pledged its full support by operating 20 of our routes. However, 85 of our flights have been cancelled due to the ongoing situation. We strongly advise our guests to check the status of their flights before making their way to the airport to avoid any unnecessary travel and potential disappointment."

Air India Express is fully owned by the Indian flag carrier, Air India.

The airline also informed passengers that if their flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours, they may opt for a full refund or reschedule their flight to a later date without additional fees. Passengers can contact the airline through Tia on WhatsApp (+91 6360012345) or by visiting

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