AIX Roster Software Fiasco Grounds 50+ Flights

Air India Express is still facing operational challenges due to new roster software issues, leading to manual duty assignments and affecting 50 of its 300 daily flights.

By Priyal Dutta
New Update

On May 5, Air India Express switched to new scheduling software from Canada-based CAE Group

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Around two weeks after flight disruptions caused by many cabin crew calling in sick, Air India Express (AIX) still faces challenges restoring operations due to issues with newly implemented roster management software.

Around 100 flights were cancelled on May 8 and 9 due to the widespread use of sick leave among cabin staff

As reported by the Economic Times, Air India Express has been compelled to resort to manual assignment of duties and scheduling for its staff. This labour-intensive process has impacted approximately 50 out of the 300 daily flights operated by the airline.

Tata Sons is merging Air India and Vistara into a single airline by year-end

Tata Group carriers Air India and Vistara are helping by operating approximately 20 additional daily flights.

After the disruption on May 8 and 9, Air India Express had trouble tracking its crew and pilots

A crew member mentioned that they were asked to manually input their locations into Google Sheets, which would then be fed into the new software to create the June roster.

The airline has developed an ambitious expansion strategy to win second place in the domestic market, trailing only market leader IndiGo

The report quoted VS Rajkumar, chief of operations, saying, "Many of us are putting in extra hours calling up our colleagues and locating them so that they can be assigned flights."

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