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Picture yourself sailing to your next vacation, visiting multiple locations whilst having to unpack only once, surrounded by great views and hues along with delicious food and beverages to try out – sounds like an ideal trip, right? And, it doesn’t end there. Imagine standing on the deck and gazing into the wide sea under the bright blue skies and starlit nights while journeying to your destination; to drink in the wanderlust vibes surrounded by people with one mission – to have a great time.

Feels like a dream, doesn’t it? Cruise Me Out is here to be the online travel portal for your cruise holidays! From choosing exotic destinations to opting for the most suitable cruiseline/ fleet for you and your family - it is all about the ‘C’ at CruiseMeOut - Convenience, Comfort and Choice.

A one-stop shop for all Indian cruise travelers, Cruise Me Out promise you a memorable vacation infused with luxury, shopping, delicious delicacies and drinks, fun games and activities, sports and much more. Also, no one said that cruises aren’t for the little ones. Why should the little ones miss out on such a wonderful experience! Their cruise liners have theme parks and play areas for kids along with art & craft activities as well.

With cruises beginning from INR 20,999/-, they have a diverse variety of beautiful destinations ranging from Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Malta, Barcelona, Finland, Russia just to name a few . The cruise liners include the wellreputed Costa, MSC, NCL, Royal Caribbean and Star Cruise as well, with each having their respective subcruise liners.

Nothing short of beauty and grandeur, the cabins and suites are well furnished and come with the gorgeous sea-view that is synonymous with the word that comes to one’s mind - paradise. The dining and main deck areas are magnificently decorated, exuding richness and charm in its atmosphere.

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