Delta Airplane Faces Fireball Explosion

A video of the fireball incident that occurred last week at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has surfaced online. It showcases a fireball exploding beneath the plane's cockpit, rushing in a quick evacuation.

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Fireball explodes right beneath a Delta Airbus A321, causing black smoke to rise from the nose of the jet

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Obtained by the US-based local news network, KOMO News, a video has surfaced online which showcases the exact occurrence of a fireball incident that took place with a Delta airplane last week.

A screenshot from the video shared by KOMO News

The video captures how the plane caught on fire, causing the people inside and around it to be evacuated at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It showcases how a fireball exploded on the aircraft, resulting in black smoke exploding from the plane’s jet’s nose just below the cockpit. The plane in question was an Airbus A321 aircraft, scheduled as Delta Flight 604 from Cancun, Mexico, to Washington, USA.

The plane arrived at the airport around 21:35 but saw a short circuit after it was plugged into the electrical network

According to authorities, the aircraft did not encounter any issues during the flight and was able to land in Washington without any hiccups. However, the trouble arose when the aircraft, plugged into the terminal’s electrical network, faced a short circuit. As a result, sparks flew right below the cockpit and everyone around was rushed to safety. As soon as the pilots sensed smoke, the emergency exit slides of the planes were opened and all the passengers were asked to slide out to safety. “I think people responded to that with panic and there was a little bit of jostling in the aisles to get to the exit, but overall, it was a pretty smooth evacuation process,” recalled one of the passengers on the plane, Ashwin Menon. According to the authorities, there were a total of 189 passengers on the plane; one-third of them were rushed out via the slides and the remaining ones were given an exit through the passenger loading bridge.

There were a total of 189 passengers, one-third of which were evacuated through the exit slides

In a statement regarding the incident, Delta said, “Out of an abundance of caution, slides were deployed and passengers still on board deplaned via the rear of the aircraft. Passengers were fully evacuated, and those deplaned to the ramp returned to the terminal via the ramp stairs. The aircraft has been removed from service for inspection and maintenance.”

Delta applauded their pilots for quick action which resulted in safe evacuation

The fire was reported to have gone out on its own, and though some people sustained minor scratches and injuries, nothing major wa reported.

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