Turkish Airlines Flies to Afghanistan After Nearly Three Years

Turkish Airlines has finally made its way back to Afghanistan after a nearly three-year halt in service due to the collapse of the Western-backed Afghan government.

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Turkish Airlines makes its way to Afghanistan after almost three years

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The Taliban-led Afghanistan government has confirmed the return of Turkish Airlines flights to the country. The flights are being resumed after an almost three-year pause in the service.

The first return flight landed in Afghanistan on May 21

According to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, the first return flight by the airlines landed in Afghanistan on May 21, 2024, and was welcomed by various government officials. Per the resume deal, Turkish Airlines will now fly to Kabul four times a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays. The outbound flight from Istanbul to Kabul will have a duration of 4 hours and 35 minutes, and the inbound flight from Kabul to Istanbul will be of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Turkish Airlines will now fly to Kabul four times a week

“We are thrilled and proud to welcome the first passenger plane of Turkish Airlines at Kabul International Airport after nearly three years. The resumption of Turkish Airlines flights symbolises the mutual trust and cooperation that continue to strengthen our friendly relations. This new beginning marks an important step for both our countries,” stated Cenk Ünal, Charge d’Affaires & Head of Mission, Turkish Embassy in Kabul.

Cenk Ünal, Charge d'Affaires & Head of Mission, Turkish Embassy in Kabul


Speaking on the same, Mahmut Yayla, Director of Sales & Marketing (Region II), Turkish Airlines, stated, “We are delighted to once again connect the people of Turkey and Afghanistan. With Turkish Airlines, Afghan citizens will have access to the world’s largest network, spanning Europe, America and beyond. Our competitive fares and convenient connection times will open new doors for the Afghan people. With our rapidly growing, modern fleet of 454 aircraft, we will connect Kabul to the world by flying to 348 destinations in 130 countries across six continents.” The reason for the initial pause in the service was the collapse of the Western-led government in Afghanistan and the takeover by the Taliban of the country. Almost all international airlines stopped their flights to Afghanistan when the Taliban seized the country in 2021.

Mahmut Yayla, Director of Sales and Marketing (Region II), Turkish Airlines


Air Arabia and FlyDubai already resumed their flights to Afghanistan in 2024 and 2023 respectively. Even two Afghan airlines, Kam Air and Ariana Afghan Airlines, operate on limited international routes.

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