IATA Says Global Passenger Demand Up 11% in April

International Air Transport Association represents around 320 airlines comprising 83% of global air traffic. The shared statistics cover international and domestic scheduled air traffic for IATA member and non-member airlines.

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IATA shares global travel data for April 2024

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released its data for April 2024 global passenger demand. Shared on their social media handle of X (formerly Twitter), the highlights from the same are:

  • Total demand: The total demand, measured in revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs), was up 11% compared to April 2023.
  • Total capacity: Measured in available seat kilometers, it was up by 9.6% year-on-year. The load factor for the month stood at 82.4%.
  • International demand: It rose by 15.8% compared to last year whereas the capacity was up 14.8%.
  • Domestic demand: Domestic demand rose 4% compared to April 2023 and the capacity, too, saw an improvement of 2.1%.
The announcement shared by IATA on X (formerly Twitter)

The International Market

All international regions showed strong growth for passenger markets in April 2024 compared to April 2023. The load factor increased to a two-year high, and capacity increases were well-matched to demand.

  • Asia-Pacific airlines continue to lead the way, with a 32.1% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity increased 29.3% year-on-year and the load factor rose to 83.7% (+1.7ppt compared to April 2023). Traffic flows from the Middle East and Africa to Asia are notably strong.
  • European carriers saw a 10.1% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity increased 10.0% year-on-year, and the load factor was 83.3% (up just 0.1ppt compared to April 2023). International routes from Europe have surpassed pre-COVID levels to all regions except Africa.
  • Middle Eastern airlines saw a 14.2% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity increased 9.9% year-on-year and the load factor increased +3.0ppt to 79.3% compared to April 2023.
  • North American carriers saw a 6.5% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity increased 10.3% year-on-year, and the load factor fell to 81.0% (-2.9ppt compared to April 2023).
  • Latin American airlines saw a 14.5% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity climbed 13.5% year-on-year. The load factor rose to 84.1% (+0.7ppt compared to April 2023), the highest among the regions.
  • African airlines saw a 15.5% year-on-year increase in demand. Capacity was up 10.4% year-on-year. The load factor rose to 73.0% (+3.2ppt compared to April 2023).
Asia-Pacific airlines saw the highest increase in demand

IATA Speaks

“Passenger demand has been growing for 36 consecutive months. As we enter the peak northern summer travel season, there is every reason to feel optimistic for a strong summer with airlines offering a wide range of travel options. 97% of passengers asked in our recent survey said they were satisfied with their last flight. Every part of the travel value chain needs to be focused on maintaining that,” said Willie Walsh, IATA’s director general.

Willie Walsh, director general, International Airport Transport Association

The IATA Passenger Survey also revealed 88% agreement that ’air travel makes my life better’.  “That’s an important motivation as our members gather for the IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Dubai next week. This strong endorsement of the power of air connectivity to transform lives and boost economies brings with it a challenge that will also be on the minds of all attending. It is critically important that we achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 so that people can continue to rely on all the benefits of air travel,” continued Walsh.

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