Emirates To Deploy Extra Flights for Hajj Pilgrims

Emirates will be deploying ten extra flights to carry Hajj pilgrims to Islam’s holy city of Makkah. A dedicated airport services team will be available to provide support for Hajj travellers connecting through Dubai.

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Special services and flights for Hajj pilgrims by Emirates

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Additional Flights by Emirates

To facilitate the travel to Makkah for Muslim devotees this Hajj season, Emirates has deployed 10 additional flights between June 7-10, and will deploy more between June 21-26 to carry pilgrims to Jeddah and Medina. These flights have been carefully timed to meet the flight schedules from key markets for Hajj, including Indonesia, Thailand, Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritius, South Africa, Senegal, and Pakistan.

Special check-in counters for Hajj pilgrims

The additional flights are operated alongside Emirates’ scheduled services to the two Saudi gateways, and provide increased choice and options for thousands of travellers from across the airline's global network to carry out one of the key pillars of Islam. The airline has further deployed 19 flights to cities including Amman, Dammam, Kuwait, and Beirut among others to meet high demand during Eid Al-Adha in mid-June.

Special gifts by Emirates will be given to devotees

Seamless Journey

From arriving to Dubai International, to stopping over in the city and connecting onwards to Jeddah and Medina, Emirates has extended its onboard hospitality to the ground through a planned airport experience. According to Emirates, its crew team will guide pilgrims during their airport journey to ensure a seamless process of connecting to onwards flights. Airport Service teams have been tasked with meeting, greeting, and escorting all pilgrims from arrival to departure.

The Hajj travel tag

Travellers are welcomed at the arrival gate by dedicated Emirates Airport Service personnel, holding signs with special greetings for pilgrims, where they are escorted all the way to the connection desk for their onwards journey, or to the Emirates Hotel Desk to pick up their hotel vouchers, so they can quickly be transferred on Emirates’ buses to their hotels for a short break before they proceed to their destination. Pilgrims’ luggage will also be tagged with special Emirates ‘Hajj’ baggage tags. Special gifts have also been organised for the official UAE Hajj flight set to depart from Dubai on June 11.

In-flight entertainment by Emirates - ice

Onboard Experience

Onboard, the airline has made provisions to accommodate those performing ablutions and is providing unperfumed towels and additional blankets. Special PAs advise passengers when they have entered Al Miqat zones (state of sanctity) and indicate the changing of Ihram robes. Emirates’ award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice, features a special video that covers the Hajj formalities and also contains information around safety during Hajj as well as all essential information about performing the pilgrimage. Travellers may also choose to listen to the Holy Quran channel or read verses on ice. Passengers may check-in up to 5 litres of holy water (Zamzam) upon return, which will be placed in special areas in the cargo hold.

The special Hajj service aims to give pilgrims a seamless travel experience

The special flights are available to travellers holding a valid Hajj visa. Pilgrims must also be under the age of 65 and hold a valid vaccination certificate with a vaccine authorised by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

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