Rising Domestic Travel in India

India's domestic air traffic hit a new daily record of 4,71,751 passengers, surging over 14% compared to pre-Covid levels. The DGCA reported a 4.38% annual growth in Q1 2024, with airlines carrying 391.46 lakh passengers.

By Priyal Dutta
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India's domestic air traffic surged to a new record of 4,71,751 passengers, up over 14% from pre-Covid levels

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India's domestic aviation industry has been experiencing a significant increase in air traffic recently. The latest report shows that the country achieved a new record of daily air passengers on Sunday. According to official data, India's domestic air traffic on Sunday hit a new high of over 4,71,751 passengers, a surge of over 14% compared to pre-Covid levels. This impressive growth rate is attributed to various factors, including robust policies, economic development, and the proactive measures taken by the government to promote regional air connectivity and introduce new routes, which have significantly boosted the sector.

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The data further revealed that on the same day, 6,128 flights operated to accommodate the growing demand, indicating India's aviation industry's remarkable recovery and positive economic impact. As travel restrictions ease and vaccination rates increase, the industry is expected to grow further in the coming months. 


DGCA reported a steady increase in passenger numbers in the first quarter of 2024, with domestic airlines carrying 391.46 lakh passengers from January to March 2024. This marks a 4.38% annual growth compared to last year. The aviation industry's remarkable recovery in India, demonstrating its resilience and adaptability, is a testament to its strength and potential.

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