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After Kerala, Maharashtra is
Evolving as the Wellness Hub


Kerala is considered to be the major wellness and healthcare center in India but interestingly Maharashtra being one of the most developed states of India, is growing well in this sector as well. And this state has many things to offer for wellness science attracting a lot of international audience. Many new retreats are being set up to ensure that people should come to know the core importance of Wellness & Yogic Science. These retreat centres offer various courses and treatments, which helps in the overall grooming of the person, making him/her much more relaxed, calm & composed.

Let's take a look at unique programs offered at leading Wellness centres in Maharashtra.

Equine Therapy at Fazlani Natures Nest

The Equine Therapy workshop is designed as animal interaction and consciousness sessions. Horses have, for centuries, been used for Animal Assisted Therapy due to their keen emotional radars that sharply sense human feelings. They've greatly helped people suffering from ADHD, autism, eating disorders, abuse, depression and anxiety to cope with their condition. Through giving care to horses by way of feeding, cleaning, grooming and riding them, participants help grow a strong bond with the gentle animals. The feeling of mutual growth, trust, affection, empathy and unconditional acceptance goes a long way in bringing peace of mind to all group members.

Ayurveda Panchakarma at Atmantan

The treatment oils are authentically prepared and follow the traditional method of use and prescription to an exact precision so as to extract the most potent therapeutic results. Therapies would include the varied forms of Shirodhara, Kativasti, Janucasti, Choorna swedana as well as Yoga herb and steam baths to compliment the purification processes of the body. Ayurveda Panchakarma ritual unfold by anointing your senses with individually selected hand crafted medicated herbal oils and gresh preparations to restore the crucial inner harmony.


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