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Jamaican Adventure in the Caribbean


See the magical side of Jamaica with mind-blowing Caribbean adventure. Be it hiking across the mountainous terrains, or pumping your adrenaline rush by flying hundred feet above the tropical rainforest, or simply, by taking a relaxing float down the river. Destination Jamaica offers unparalleled adventure activities, which would surely awaken the adrenaline junkie in you.

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway with Nira Alpina


Nira Alpina enjoys a much private location minutes away from St. Moritz on Lake Silvaplana and is connected via cable car to the Corviglia mountain peak. It makes for an ideal setting for the hotel offers couples an opportunity to design their getaway package as they like with a private and some unique experience to partake in. Book a room and pick-and-choose from our ‘Package A La Carte’ menu!

Concept of Luxury are Changing with High-end Travelers


As the world’s ideas of wealth and status change, travelers’ ideas of luxury are changing to match. High-end travelers increasingly choose subtle indulgence over flashy logos and conspicuous consumption. And they’re gravitating toward travel that enables them to live out their personal values and fulfill their dreams through exclusive experiences.

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