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Adventure Holidays
An Emerging Trend Among Honeymooners

  Akash Korgaonkar, Director of Ruggedian

The youth of today is much different from earlier generations. They want to break free from the set rules, conventions, and the age-old norms. From choosing offbeat careers to choosing offbeat options for memorable things in life, there has been a paradigm shift that has emerged. One such emerging trend among honeymooners is adventure holidays.

Rather than opting for boating in the lake of Mussourie, and going on a gondola ride in Gulmarg, the honeymooners are choosing to go to Ratnagad for hiking, or mountain biking in Manali. Studies have revealed that adventure sports have actually proven to be beneficial for couples. Adventure sports like trekking, mountain biking, rappelling; mountain climbing, camping, etc need people to work their body out. The exercise in return help couples to release endorphins which are known to enhance mood. The rush of adrenaline that couples get to experience from indulging in adventure sports is something that energizes them. Health experts have proved that couples taking part in adventure sports together are known to be more sexually responsive than others.

7 Spots For Family Fun Around the USA


For anyone traveling with children, the United States offers a range of fun and educational experiences.
Here are seven top attractions to keep the youngest travellers engaged and entertained.

The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois
The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois, is famous for its Tyrannosaurus rex fossil named Sue, but also features mummies, totem poles and meteors. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, but those under six will especially like the interactive fun in the PlayLab. Insider tip: Skip the special exhibitions, which charge an additional fee, and focus on the permanent collection, which is amazing and extensive.

National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York
The best word to describe The Strong: National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, is “magic.” Almost everything is designed for touching and exploring. Children ages three to 10 can shop at a supermarket that’s just their size and play in pretend snow. Insider tip: The Strong’s National Toy Hall of Fame is a great place to show your kids favorite toys from the past.


Long Live Leonardo Da Vinci!
500 Years of Renaissance(s)


The Loire Valley with its kings, gardens, river and valley interspersed with châteaux is considered the birthplace of the French Renaissance. Historic figures such as Francis I, Catherine de’ Medici and Leonardo da Vinci largely contributed to the spread of the Renaissance here and greatly stimulated artistic creation, philosophy, science and literature, of which the Loire Châteaux probably bear the greatest testimony. The Loire Valley and the Cathedrals of Chartres and Bourges have received the honour of being listed by UNESCO for their heritage and nature.

The Loire Valley was the privileged home of the Valois, and the Renaissance had a profound impact on both its central provinces of Touraine and Orléans and further afield, in Berry, Maine and Poitou. This effervescence led to the construction and development of many châteaux: the Domain of Chambord, Clos Lucé, the Châteaux of Amboise, Blois, Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau, Valençay, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Anet, Loches, Villandry and the cities of Bourges, Tours, Romorantin-Lanthenay, and more.

Medical Tourism in India

  Dr. Vinod Sonawane, MD, Bloom Hair Transplant

Gone are the days when Indians would travel the world in search of advanced remedies for their ailments. In fact, it is the other way around these days. The world is coming to India. India has become the hottest stop on the medical tourism landscape.

And why is it so, you rightfully ask? Well, not only to make use of the affordable, world-class healthcare facilities available in the country, but also to benefit greatly from aspects such as yoga and Ayurveda, two disciplines native to India. India is no longer a cost saving destination, but a destination of choice for those seeking treatment.
The exotic nature of India is an additional draw for many of these tourists. Many travellers club their medical journey with the spiritual experience that is synonymous with India. They are enriched not merely by visiting landmarks and landscapes that they have only heard descriptions of, but also because India is making quick strides when it comes to healthcare.


Visit Malaysia 2020 Campaign

  Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, DG, Tourism Malaysia inaugrates the visit Malaysia 2020 logo

Dubbed Visit Malaysia 2020, the campaign was officially launched by Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, the Director-General, Tourism Malaysia. The launch was a colourful event to unveil the campaign’s logo which portrays Malaysia’s treasured flora and fauna.

Speaking during the launch, Datuk Mirza said: “This year, Malaysia brings to ATM 2018 the many wonderful and diverse offerings of our country at Sheikh Said Hall No 3, Stand No. AS2220. The Malaysia Pavilion theme is Ethnic Revival, featuring elements of Malaysian Culture infused with a modern approach.”

He added: “Being one of the world’s largest travel meet, ATM is an excellent platform to strengthen our presence in this market. This year’s ATM provides a great opportunity for Malaysia to make several new announcements that will positively impact our promotion efforts here and subsequently echo in other parts of the world”.


India and China to Co operate in Tourism

  K. J. Alphons, MOS of Tourism, India and Chinese Tourism and Culture Vice Minister Li Jinzao

The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Tourism and Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Shri K. J. Alphons attended the Tourism Ministers’ conference by Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Wuhan, China held on 9th May 2018.

At the inaugural session, the Minister said that India’s Tourism sector is fast growing and has got an emerging market for outbound travel and a tremendous potential for tourism co-operation with the SCO region.

At the sidelines of the event, the Minister also met the Chinese Tourism and Culture Vice Minister, Mr. Li Jinzao. The visit of the team headed by Sh. K. J. Alphons was in continuation of the Prime Minister’s recent visit to China wherein it was agreed to increase the co-operation between India and China in Defence, External Affairs and Tourism.

Chocolate Experiences in Switzerland

  A child enjoys chocolate making

Nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth is lying – there is more than a grain of truth to this saying. This sweet temptation is almost guaranteed to make your mouth water and can be enjoyed in many different variations. These 8 tips for chocolate lovers tell them more about the delicious treat and even about how to become a master chocolatier themselves.

Tour round the world of chocolate
The Chocolate Experience tour in Bilten is a delicious treat for the entire family. The tour starts in the rainforest and finishes on the pleasure trail. In the rainforest, young and old discover where cocoa beans come from and how the chocolate mass is created. The tour then comes to the sweetest end with a chance to try a variety of the Läderach specialities.

Master chocolatier for a day
In the historic chocolate workshop of Lindt “Sprüngli, the whole family can become a master chocolatier. To start, everyone is kitted out with a real master chocolatier uniform. Then, children and adults learn how to handle the sweet chocolate under expert guidance and create their own masterpieces. Throughout, the chocolatier will also share lots of interesting information about the origin, history and making of chocolate.


Cave Tourism An Emerging Trend

  Cave tourism

Whether you are in India or Vietnam or Europe or America or somewhere in between, the underground caves are always worthy additions to any vacation.
Caving traditionally is a recreational pastime of exploring wild cave systems, today cave tourism is associated with exploring wild cave systems and also caves that have been carved out by men and have historical significance.

Caving is also called as ‘spelunking’. Adventure enthusiasts, eco-tourists and fearless curiosity seekers can be found exploring the cramped, lightless corners of the underground world. Exploring wild cave systems has some challenges involved and they can vary. There is total absence of light beyond the entrance and often include negotiation of pitches, squeezes and water hazards.

Some of the most famous caves have become a hot tourist spots and these caves offer a complete path with handrails, lights that illuminate the interesting formations and fossils and different caves offer different level of accessibility. This means that the traveller’s can choose their cave destination based on their tolerance for adventure and their willingness to crawl through the tight spaces.

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