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Even as the world welcomes the winters, with the white Christmas and the holiday spirits, the islands of Fiji (an archipelago of over 300 sun–kissed islands) in the South Pacific, are bathed in the warm tropical sunshine, making them the ideal family getaway this holiday season. With specially curated activities for children, relaxed getaways for couples and rejuvenating natural surroundings for senior citizens, Fiji is a well–rounded package for travel enthusiasts, including young families with infants, toddler, young adults, and teens. From craft making, easy water adventures to activities in the kid clubs; Fiji offers a plethora of activities and experiences, every day.

  Girls having fun of swimming in Fiji

A kids fantasy world:

One of Fiji's most popular attractions are the kids' clubs at many family–friendly resorts. They provide an array of activities for the kids to do throughout the day like bushwalking, fish feeding, coconut boat racing and crab racing, to name a few. Often considered to be the best kids clubs in the South Pacific, their standards are universally high, keeping your kids safe and entertained.


Have a critter encounter at Kula Eco Park near Sigatoka on the Coral Coast.

The multi–award winning Sigatoka River Safari, on the coral coast, offers jet boat tours that provide a rich experience of the area's natural beauty, history and authentic look at Fijian village life. The kids will have a ball with the local children as they play games and kick the football around.

Participate in the Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program at Treasure Island Fiji. Kids have the opportunity to help out with finding forage for the turtles and other fun activities.

Find Nemo on a semi–submersible cruise at South Sea Island.

Head out to the Big Bula Inflatable Waterpark. Here the kids can slide, jump and bounce on multiple giant inflatable play sets that are super fun and guaranteed to exhaust.

Paradise for couples:

While the children are cared for and entertained by the kid clubs, young parents can enjoy the much needed 'together' time, with a cocktail or a romantic meal or even a couples spa treatment and end the day watching the sun go down! Fiji offers an unforgettable holiday for couples and young parents, filled with sunshine, wonder, and adventure, making it the ultimate tropical paradise. Couples can embark on adventure and leisure activities, including the leisurely swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and boat rides activities from the Mamanuca Islands to the tropical greens of Taveuni, amidst the brilliant green rainforests with colourful parrots and native birds. From an assorted set of family'friendly Fijian resorts, covered with beautiful natural environments, to incredible wildlife, stunning beaches, and a huge range of adventure activities, Fiji is really one big playground for couples to explore as they re–discover and connect with each other.

  A couple enjoying underwater swimming
  Tourist diving in the beach for swimming

CALIFORNIA – Winter Adventure in Mammoth Lakes

If a charming mountain town surrounded by larger–than–life, truly awe–inspiring natural wonders sounds good to you, then Mammoth Lakes is the perfect playground for your next winter adventure. The unreal, wow–worthy natural beauty of Mammoth Lakes makes every moment feel wonderful and wonder–filled, whether you've been here before or are looking to catch a new experience. While adventure knows no season, for now let's focus on winter.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Mammoth Lakes
For adventurous sorts, skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain is the place to start. Boasting the tallest lifts in California, Mammoth Mountain has more than 3,500 acres of unique ski'able terrain, including runs for all levels. Whether advanced or beginner, there's a trail with your name on it.An annual average of 400 inches of snow – fresh powder – puts a typical season, spanning November to May. Though, with one of the longest skiing & snowboarding seasons in the country you may even find yourself on the mountain through August.

  A tourist skiing in Mammoth lakes

360-Degree Views from 11,053 Ft. Up

If skiing & snowboarding isn't your thing (let's say you're more of a hot chocolatier), a scenic gondola ride will take you to the top of the mountain – 11,053 feet – where an Interpretive Center welcomes you to the legendary summit. Here, you'll learn about the area's history and find some of the most unforgettable 360'degree views in North America. Encountering this serene, natural beauty is guaranteed to leave you feeling joyful, inspired and even transformed. Head back down the mountain and get on with the day's adventures.

Off–The–Beaten–Path Winter Activities

Mammoth Lakes is a town of 4 square miles, but with a backyard of more than 3 million acres of wilderness, we suggest grabbing snowshoes and taking in the majestic views on foot. There is free public access to roughly 140 miles of winding track and the expansiveness gives you a true feeling of being in nature. If you're not interested in going solo, seek a guided snowshoeing tour instead. For cross–country skiers, seemingly endless acres of public lands and roads are transformed for the winter season. Wander through miles of groomed trails and supernaturally quiet trees surrounding Mammoth Lakes and the Inyo National Forest. Do not forget tubing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowcat tours, full moon tours and ice skating. We can save that for another day.

  A beautiful view of sunrise in Mammoth Mountain


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