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Devout Sikh, Devoted Father & Dedicated Entrepreneur

"You can only lift yourself by lifting others," reads a board as you enter the suave office of Raju (Rajinder) Chadha in Lutyens' Delhi, overlooking the majestic North Block and President House. A successful entrepreneur, philanthropist & film maker and presenter, Dr. Raju Chadha is Chairman of the multi diversified Wave One Group and the man behind multiple charities and big Bollywood potboilers. More recently, he has travelled the world taking with him the Bollywood flag, which he has hoisted in some of the most enchanting location in the world, making him our Man of the Month for promoting film tourism from India.

  (L) Raju Chadha, Chairman, Wave One Group   (R) Raju Chadha along with his wife Donna

With nearly 35 years of experience in finance and accounting, thought leadership, mentoring and running multiple businesses, Raju Chadha has an impeccable record of delivering value and scaling large businesses by leading multi-disciplinary business projects & industry growth initiatives.

Little was known about Raju Chadha till a few years ago. He remained largely a family man, running multiple successful business spanning diverse genres like liquor, distilleries, sugar, education, real estate and films. However, an unfortunate family tragedy in 2012 changed the way he lives. Raju Chadha suddenly found himself catapulted as the chairman of the Wave Group. Since then, there has been no looking back. And post a family settlement a few months ago, he is now the Chairman of the Wave One Group.

Raju Chadha started his business at a very young age. He launched his own transport business in Delhi and Moradabad while still Devout Sikh, Devoted Father & Dedicated Entrepreneur studying in The Air Force School. In 1981, Raju went on to setup a paper mill with the capacity of 30 tons per day in less than a decade thereafter which became operational in the year 1992 and subsequently the capacity of the paper mill was increased which is now at 400+ tons per day. He then ventured into the field of Sugar Industry in the year 1997 at Nawab Ganj & Dasuya. From there on there was no looking back and the group soon spread its wings across the other business verticals.

  Raju Chadha with his son Asees

Raju Chadha is now keen to take the Wave One name global. This includes expanding the portfolio of the current business verticals, which includes liquor, distilleries, sugar, film production and real estate. In all these areas, Raju Chadha has lined up a major capacity expansion, the blueprint of which is being given a final shape. On the film production part, there are a slew of launches lined up with the biggest names in Bollywood. Also being mulled is a foray in the fast penetrating digital media (OTT) space, given the group's massive content library.

Raju Chadha is a firm believer in giving back to society. In fact, business insiders tell us that most of the businesses are run by professional managers, with Raju Chadha being the guiding force. Instead, he would spend most of his time in the philanthropic activities he has taken up.

Winner of the Best Indian Producer at the Indian Film Festival Kenya, Norway, San Francisco & Budapest, Raju Chadha entered the films business to give back to the society through social messages woven through entertainment. His Bollywood films include path breaking films like Revolver Rani, Main aur Charles, Sarkar 3, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster 3, apart from many more and has an impressive lineup of 5 big releases in 2020 which include the mega Torbaaz with Sanjay Dutt, Mard with Randeep Hooda, Anjaan with Arjun Rampal, Tipsy with Esha Gupta & Daisy Shah and a Slice of the life Punjabi romantic. Today, he is the one of the most respected names in Bollywood and is known for his selection of content.

  (L)Raju Chadha along with Sanjay Dutt    (R) Raju Chadha with Arjun Rampal

Raju Chadha has lived his life with the firm belief of "Sarbat Da Bhalla" or common good of all. Furthermore, in accordance with Sikhism's purist origins, Dr. Raju Chadha has played a key role in a landmark decision promising wide ramifications for the Sikh community. It's top five priests have passed a resolution banishing ostentation weddings and religious ceremonies to be held at Gurudwaras. It also aims to reduce the financial burdens on families.

Following his penchant for giving to society & ushering in reforms, Dr. Raju Chadha recently founded the International Punjab Forum working towards enhancing Punjabiyat or the Punjabi culture and way of life across the globe & was instrumental in downsizing Punjabi weddings by doing away with printing expensive invitation cards and using common technology like Whatsapp to invite people and doing plain simple weddings at Gurudwaras.

  (L)Raju Chadha with Amitabh Bachchan   (R)Raju Chadha along with Dharmendra

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