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5 Healthy Foods and Drinks to Enjoy this winter

Winter is the season of eating and eating. We are always hungry with a constant need to munch on something. This calls for healthy alternatives that are low on calories so that we can eat to our heart’s desire but without any guilt.


Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director at Gaia – India’s one of the leading health and wellness brand shares some healthy options for you to munch on this winter.

1. Steamed Vegetables
As the saying goes ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’. But that does not mean that you skip your dinner altogether. The best way to keep your dinner light and healthy this winter is to treat yourself to a bowl of steamed vegetables. Steaming the veggies, helps preserve the nutrient content in them. Vegetables are low in calories and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. This meal is filling and at the same time not too heavy. There is in fact no better time than winter to enjoy some green leafy vegetables and stay healthy

2. Go nuts over nuts and seeds
Rich in protein, vitamins and dietary fibres, nuts can easily be called the healthiest instant snacks. Nuts are classified as warm food and are best consumed in winter. The best thing about nuts? Well, you get tons of options to choose from. But don’t get disheartened if you are allergic to peanuts because you still have almonds, walnuts and many more to indulge in. Each of these have different health benefits. Another popular and a very healthy trend is that of seeds and grams, high on nutrients but low on calories. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, roasted grains and grams make perfect snacks for winters. Additionally, you can indulge in Trail Mix which is a hearty combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

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