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Zodiac Sign Reveal Your Travel

Looking for travel inspiration? It's all in the stars. The Twitter–favorite The Astro Poets is here to match you with a destination and Airbnb stay – poetically inspiring your wanderlust and guiding you to the right place (literally and metaphorically).

Aries – Brooklyn, Newyork


When you walk in, there will be endless green. And in your dreams you will see the green bathe a wash of emerald over every sad encounter. Simplicity has a way of making your nerves let go. You wouldn't have thought to do it, but that is why it was made for you all the more. Aries love the glitz and pace of The City and find it a natural home for all of their ambitions (romantic and otherwise). But after they are done with their adventures, the thing they most need is a place to be a Queen. What better setting than this room in Brooklyn, with its overflowing green plants (and likewise good oxygen) and bright sunny views of the hustle and bustle of NYC's ultracool borough. They will enjoy falling asleep in the bath of violet light of the nightlight and when they wake up, they will delight in the toothpaste selection (ordered in rainbow colors, of course) and spending a good hour in the early morning texting in the chair–hammock by the bed. Most of all, they will relish in the green plants throughout the apartment, refueled and recharged each day for more of what they came to NYC to do–move quickly!


Taurus – Paris, France


You are always in a golden hour, traveling through the childhood of your mind. There will be wind and there will be alcoves. There will be drinks and many people. You will surprise yourself again. There's no other city that will fit the grandeur of a Taurus like Paris. It's classic, romantic, and full of history. It also allows a Taurus to do their favorite thing which is indulge–whether that's in food, wine, or truly the best art in the world, right there, in one city. This intricate apartment has a glorious view of Montmarte and Sacre–Cour, and is full of light. Natural light is something that–s very important to a Taurus. Perhaps because they can get so comfortable staying indoors, they like to have as much of the outside world there with them as possible. They also love plays, opera, and anything theatrical. Not to mention that they're one of the best dressed signs, and will go to great lengths to look impeccable even if they're just grabbing a cup of coffee. This makes them the ideal candidate for Paris, or perhaps Paris is lucky to have them.

Gemini – Bergen, Norway


You've dreamt always of this wide expanse of sky. Seeing clouds upon clouds light the seascape. Did you leave and come here for some reason? Or were you always here, waiting to feel something, something both true and permanent. Geminis have so much going on in their heads – so any sense of quiet solitude is welcome. From the moment they get there, they will just feel the peace emanating from this space in Bergen, Norway, with its clean, cool white interiors and elevated bedroom tucked away in the hollows of the building's roof. They will love bathing for hours in the solid white tub, thinking and thinking important thoughts to dissolve into the clear air. Most of all, they will enjoy how close the apartment is to everything happening and then how easily they can leave the clamor to be alone. The overarching mountain will mean so many things to them, especially as it juts into the glorious, endless sky, and its enormous presence will complete the happiness they feel each night as they drift off to sleep.


Cancer – Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina


If the sky is there then so are you. If the trees surround you, you surround them too. Air, air, air–and birds. Suddenly. Then all at once. Cancers absolutely love small towns. They love to get lost and fully immersed in them, as they do with people. Lujan de Cuyo is in western Argentina, near the Andes Mountains, and let's just say there is a lot of Malbec there (which Cancers also love). This particular space is so gorgeous, with tons of open space, and what feels like endless windows, that Cancers will want to throw a dinner party and invite all of their friends (and exes), and of course, they'll be the ones cooking. Cancers are incredibly nurturing. If they could, they'd keep you as close to them as possible. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning and have a one-way ticket to Argentina waiting for you in your inbox. They're generous like that.


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